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How LED Lights Can Turn Your Manufacturing Plant Into A Powerhouse

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September 11, 2017
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December 4, 2017

In most discussions around manufacturing efficiency, the focus is primarily on streamlining processes, systems and supply chain.

If the work activities in your facility include manufacturing, fabricating, assembly, or packaging, it’s important that you and your workers have the right lighting in place to get the job done safely, efficiently, and on time.

In addition to the added benefits of clear lighting in the workplace, LED lights offer a low cost, money saving way to cut back on your factory’s energy bills. While the direct energy savings are absolutely notable, the effects of a lighting upgrade extend beyond only that.

Here are just a few of the benefits we would like you to be aware of, just to see just how cost effective it is to make the transition.

High Efficiency: Energy efficiency is most often the primary driver in an LED conversion for manufacturers. The most advanced, high-efficiency LED fixtures can deliver energy savings, cutting consumption by more than 60% per fixture. The result: brighter, better quality light at less than half the cost for energy consumption. Money saved on lighting energy can be reallocated toward other capital investments.

Reliability: LEDs have superior durability, and are a smarter long-term solution—the investment you make today will deliver outstanding performance for up to a decade or more.

Zero-maintenance: The best LED fixtures are completely maintenance free for years of performance. That means no more bulb changes, purchasing and storing of new bulbs and ballasts. Not only does this save a tremendous amount of time and money, it also frees up maintenance staff for more mission-critical projects besides changing bulbs.

Superior Visibility: LEDs offer outstanding colour quality, visibility and safety. They not only enhance visibility in areas where quality assurance, tight tolerances and colour matching is required, but also improves safety by ensuring workers can in fact interpret colours accurately, such as on wiring, warning signage and other color-coded situations. Plus, the light emitted by LEDs is far more vibrant, which helps to keep workers more alert on the job, for improved safety and fewer weary-induced accidents.

Improvement in Quality Checks: Quality improvement always plays a big role in a production manager’s mind-set. Improved LED lighting proves to be a valuable asset in inspection stations and quality control areas. LED can reduce manufacturing errors since employees can recognize improper or missing components during the assembly operation.

Health and Wellness Improvements: Poor lighting can lead to eye strain and causes headaches, tension, and eye discomfort. LED lighting can reduce these effects and possibly lead to better work attendance. If an employee is not feeling at their optimal, it can lead to poor productivity and production errors.

Consider how much profit could be realized if just a 1 percent increase in productivity could be gained with a brighter, LED upgrade throughout a manufacturing facility. What about a 5 percent reduction in safety occurrences? How does that translate to insurance costs and workmen’s compensation claims?

If overall product quality was improved by 3 percent, what does that mean to the cost incurred by defective products and customer quality claims?

What can you do with LED savings?

  • Invest in top of the market equipment/machinery
  • Buy out one of your suppliers and begin to vertically integrate your supply chain.
  • Buy out a distributor and gain better access to your end users.
  • Retire debt.
  • Develop a new product or service.
  • Pursue a new market.
  • Open other new marketing channels, e.g., telemarketing, Internet sales.
  • Start a subsidiary operation

Switching to LED lighting can allow your business to reap many benefits. Contact us today for a free energy cost savings assessment and see what Inergy Solutions can do for your company.

You’re just one step away from a radical boost in profits, we’re sure of it!

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