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Lighting Installation

Commercial Lighting Installation Services

Keeping Your Property Well-Lit and Safe

Keeping your property well-lit isn’t an option — it’s a necessity. This makes the lighting you choose a critical decision. We know the importance of a lighting package that is low maintenance, long lasting, and energy efficient, and gives the proper light output for a clean and safe environment.

With our combination of purchasing power, maintenance, and energy retrofitting services, we are able to cover any and all lighting needs that property managers, contractors, and owners may have with our professional commercial lighting installation services in Atlanta.

LED Retrofits and Conversions

Inergy Solution Services is excited to bring you the newest in LED and Solar LED parking lot lighting. Our standard services include uniformed technicians who are trained and personable.

Parking Lot Lighting

Inergy Solution Services  provides a wealth of commercial outdoor lighting services, ranging from the installation of lights to repair and maintenance services.

Lighting Design

Inergy Solution Services  provides design build services, including pre-design consultation, specification, and renderings for developers, property owners and property managers.

Power Quality Services

Power Quality Services

Experience You Can Trust

Power quality resolution services and monitoring are available for properties experiencing voltage sags or spikes, momentary power interruption, nuisance tripping, frequent motor failures, harmonic distortion, or other disturbances. Our power quality services will help you to identify electrical problems, determine the causes, and provide you with recommended, cost-effective solutions.

Services Provided
EV Chargers

EV Charger Installation

Get Your Own Electric Car Charger Installed 

Just a few decades ago, the idea of having widespread electric vehicles (EVs) across the country might have seemed preposterous, particularly since it seemed impossible to have charging stations established in multiple locations. Without chargers, electric vehicles would have a very limited driving range, and seemed to pose more trouble than they were worth. However, in the midst of growing carbon emissions and the disappearance of natural resources, it has become clearer than ever that EVs are the automobile of the present, not just the future. Having an EV charger marks a true source of value in a society that is growing more conscious of protecting the environment, as well as reducing our national dependence on oil from abroad.

If you are a new electric vehicle owner and need to install a home EV charger in Atlanta, just reach out to our team at Inergy Solutions.

If you are looking to have an EV charger installed , there are many unique factors to consider. Our electricians are able to help you select the amperage that you believe would be the most affordable option while simultaneously providing the most value.

Some of the elements to consider when determining which charger you want include:

  • The speed of your charging station – A vehicle could either receive a full charge within 20 hours with the standard Level 1 charger or a full charge within 3 hours with a faster Level 2 charger.
  • The amperage level of your station – If you are looking to serve many automobiles or large vehicles, you may want to consider higher amperage.
  • Your charger’s cord length – If you have a longer length of cord, you could potentially save a lot for the costs of installing the charging unit, while also increasing the convenience of charging.

For homeowners, level 1 and level 2 chargers are the only ones suitable for home use.

  • Level 1 has a voltage of 120V with a charging rate of up to 30+ hours. It has a standard outlet used for everyday devices such as refrigerators, and TVs, and due to this it is also the slowest charger available, so many residents prefer level 2.
  • Level 2 chargers have a voltage of up to 240V and can found at both residential and public spaces. It is much faster than the Level 1 alternative and provides 12-30 miles of range per hour. Our experts must install this in your basement or garage and your vehicle will charge in about three hours. This is the most common type of charger residents use.
  • We will perform a full inspection of your panel and the distance of where you would like it to be installed.
  • We will upgrade the electrical system at the installation site.
  • We will install a new dedicated home charger of whichever one you purchase.
  • We will install all equipment per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • We will ensure installation meets all local code and permit requirements.
  • We will make sure all equipment is properly functioning before leaving.
  • You will enjoy making a positive difference to your planet and enjoy your new home charger!

There are so many advantages to electric vehicles above and beyond the fact that they are extremely eco-friendly. Electric vehicles have been proven to lower the costs of transportation with their efficient energy use, in addition to making the air cleaner. This in turn decreases Americans’ reliance on foreign fuels, thus boosting our national economy.

With the recent developments to electric vehicle technology, EVs allow drivers to go farther than ever. There’s never been a better time to upgrade to an electric vehicle and integrate EV technology into your home!


Industrial Electrical Services

We Understand Manufacturing Needs

At Inergy Solutions we are always working to improve the way we execute projects at the industrial level. Because time equals money, we pay special attention to deadlines, the specific requests of the project owner, and quality.

Our main goal is to exceed your expectations. Our industrial project solutions are catered to delivering projects on-time and at-cost.

Why Work with Inergy Solutions?

We will work closely with any other subcontractors you have at your facility and schedule work according to a time that is convenient to you or your other vendors. We also are familiar with the requirements of equipment designers who are seeking to do things like save on energy costs, reduce emissions, or increase production.

Industrial Electrical Project Solutions

  • New or recondition switch gear installations to keep in your budget
  • Coordination studies to keep systems working properly
  • Testing, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Fault current ratings calculated for proper installations
  • Facility additions and relocations
  • Repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Motor control repair
  • Machine automation
  • Bus duct installation
  • Switchgear installation
  • Reconditioned equipment available to keep in budget
  • Turnkey installations

Commercial Generator Repair & Installation

Your Generator is Your Lifeline

Because wide-scale electric failures happen, it is imperative that most homes and businesses install, repair, or maintain generators to keep the lights on. This is why Inergy Solutions provides generator repair and installation.

We offer a variety services, ranging from turn-key generator installation to service and maintenance plans to ensure you are not left in the dark when a huge storm hits. We also provide generator repairs to get you up and running again.

As you can imagine, the installation of a generator is not a do-it-yourself kind of job. The generator installation experts at Inergy Solutions will help you with all aspects of generator installation, including:
  • Choosing the right size
  • Choosing the right brand
  • Choosing the best fuel source
  • Choosing the best location
  • Choosing the right maintenance plan
We have years of professional experience installing generators and can help you install your back-up power source in an efficient and professional manner.

Generators are a lot like cars, in the respect that they need regular service to keep them performing at their best. However, you should not wait until an impending storm to have one of our skilled electricians keep your generator working in good order.

Generally, we advise our clients to have their generators serviced at least once or twice a year and recommend a checkup after a significant usage period.

Skipping maintenance can result in expensive repairs and a scramble to get your generator up and running when the possibility of an electrical loss is threatening. We’ll make the proper recommendation for a maintenance plan and let you know what it will take to keep your generator in good order.

While a proper generator service or maintenance plan is the best way to safeguard a generator from failing, there does arise the occasion when parts will break or become damaged over time or due to normal wear and tear. Inergy Solutions’s licensed and insured master electricians can come by your home, office, or industrial space and get it up and running, and recommend a maintenance plan to keep it that way.

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