Energy Performance Contracts

Energy Performance Contracting uses a finance model that not only guarantees savings through energy-efficient retrofits, but also eliminates the need for capital investment.
Facility Audits

Improve the efficiency of the building envelope and essential systems, including lighting, HVAC, and water.

Low-risk Funding

Fund capital improvements, maintain cash flow, and reduce emissions.

Performance Assurance

Staff validates savings and provides effective communications

An Easier Way to Invest in Your Facilities

Inergy Solutions Energy Performance Contracting helps organizations make their energy efficiency a reality by keeping facility upgrades within financial reach. It guarantees that building improvements will deliver operational and utility savings over a fixed period. At the same time, it is a low-risk option because we pay the difference if the savings do not accrue.

Energy efficiency projects funded by performance contracting deliver significant benefits beyond energy savings, including creating jobs, focusing investment in new growth industries, mitigating risk, and providing healthier, safer, and more comfortable environments. We have implemented more than 3,000 performance contracts in North America alone.
  • Facility and infrastructure retrofit costs are offset by utility and operational savings
  • Annual energy and operational savings are greater than or equal to the required payments over the term of the contract
  • A performance contract specifies the scope of improvements, associated costs, estimated energy, and other savings
  • These contracts provide customers with funding information that ensures their infrastructure can be maintained and renovated for future efficiencies and energy usage
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