Lighting Design Consulting

Good lighting design is fundamental to the success of any building.

Good lighting design can be described as getting the right amount of
light in the right place at the right time. To do this it is essential to
achieve a careful balance between illumination levels, visual
contrast, positioning of fittings, and suitability of controls.
Inergy Solutions offers a comprehensive service, from initial concept
design sketches and visualizations to on-site commissioning,
installation and handover. We have in-depth experience in a broad
cross section of applications from the greatest cathedrals to new
build schools and colleges, scheduled ancient monuments, high-end
private residences, commercial premises, transport interchanges
and much more.

Our specialist lighting designers know that good lighting should not necessarily mean high-budget systems and understand that it is often the smallest detail that makes the biggest difference. Our wider strengths in sustainability and energy management coupled with our lighting manufacturing mean that we are fully aware of the impact of lighting on our environment, whether from unwanted light spill, energy consumption or the embodied carbon of an installation. Our rigorous design standards and years of technical expertise mean that we will strive to find the perfect balance between efficiency, ascetics and cost efficiency.
Our team includes designers with backgrounds in technical and commercial design, theatre, exhibition and event lighting, interior design, and architecture graphic design.

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